Reflections from CorpCare's Inaugural Intern

"CorpCare is truly like one big family and I can assure you that they practice what they preach. I can't think of one reason why other young leaders wouldn't want to be a part of this growing business."

Mia Minott

My name is Mia Minott, a high school student currently studying in Kingston and I had the privilege of being the first intern for CorpCare Social Impact Consultants Ltd. The covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented times for all of us. However, not many organisations are actively ensuring that the most vulnerable to crises like these are taken care of and protected. This is one of the many reasons I was drawn to CorpCare. Working with CorpCare seemed like the perfect opportunity to support my studies in entrepreneurship and business, highlighting the essential role of Corporate Social Responsibility.

At first, the thought of being thrown into a relatively new field in business was a bit daunting but Ali and the CorpCare team made me feel very welcome. I really appreciated the fact that given my lack of experience particularly with the topics at-hand, they always embraced comments and questions without the slightest judgement. When I started the internship, I didn’t have the depth of understanding about CSR that other members on the team had, but they saw the interest I had in the field and provided an online CSR certification course for me to do. I am incredibly thankful as it not only increased my confidence when assisting the team but also aided in developing my interest further. With the understanding gained from the course, I was tasked with helping to design the client engagement procedure for CorpCare. Given how fundamental that process is, it demonstrated the trust in my capabilities from the drive-radiating leadership of Ali Matalon. This made me better able to ensure that I was doing everything I could to keep the team and myself on track with our schedule and tasks. The democratic-style leadership of the team forged a very nurturing environment for all who put in genuine effort in addition to their own faith in the business concept. The act of decision making is like an open stage where I made suggestions, gave my “outsider” perspective and got to listen to the honest ideas of the team members involved.

Being an IB diploma candidate, I am required to write a 4000 word essay and while doing the course I even changed my essay topic to researching the impacts of CSR in top global companies. I also used the knowledge gained from the course and the internship experience as inspiration for my own community projects promoting sustainability and a green economy. This is one of the reasons that I will definitely continue working alongside the CorpCare team throughout my senior academic year and possibly in the future.

Ultimately, it would be extremely useful to still collect research which can be used for both my essay as well as for CorpCare so I will switch to being part-time. Although I have to excel in my personal academic life this year, I believe that the flexibility that CorpCare offers me as an intern from here on can be tremendously beneficial to me and hopefully the team as well. The reason for this is because Corpcare offers something truly original and necessary for Jamaica, specifically consumers of private sector companies (essentially everyone directly or indirectly). No matter the length of time I was fully able to be involved and assist the team, I know that I was a part of something meaningful and that has so much potential to be one of the driving forces of systematic change in Jamaica.

In conclusion, I have gained more knowledge than I ever imagined in the short span of a month from working with the CorpCare team and I met some amazing people in the process. I wish nothing but the best for them and will hopefully get the chance to work with other interns as well so that operations can run as smoothly as possible for the team. CorpCare truly is like one big family and I can assure you that they practice what they preach. I can’t think of one reason why other young leaders wouldn’t want to be a part of this growing business. Thank you to the entire CorpCare team for having me as your inaugural intern.