CorpCare Holiday Letter & Giving Guide

Dear readers,

Happy Holidays! This year has been a particularly challenging one. As we continue to grapple with the covid-19 pandemic and the associated economic downturn, we feel it important to connect with our communities.

In hopes of making life even just a tiny bit better for those whose days have felt longer and harder, we have put together a Giving Guide of organizations, charities and funds in and around Jamaica who could benefit from a little extra support this holiday season.

We hope you are able to donate or volunteer time. We hope too that our communities benefit from these engagements in ways that extend beyond financial and professional support, and result in a renewed belief in our collective humanity.

Thank you to our CorpCare community for constantly supporting our nascent and growing organisation, sharing the resources we shed light on and for connecting with us on and offline. It is your support that keeps us going.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list, which is constantly being updated.

Seasons Greetings,

- The CorpCare team



Led by Centred (

“We are raising funds to donate 55 guided journals to youth residing in a Place of Safety (a residential facility for youth who have been removed from dangerous home environments to ensure their immediate safety, while a longer-term housing solution is determined). We also have 28 ceramic mugs (from Mustard Seed communities) as gifts for the staff members who dutifully work to create a healthy and comfortable environment for the youth in their care. We need YOUR HELP to deliver our goal, with your generous donations.

Please fill this form out with your donation, name, and email for our records. We will email a donation receipt to you once we receive it.

Thank you in advance for supporting us in executing this important initiative!”

Follow this link to donate:

Information submitted to CorpCare by the Centred team


Fi We Children Foundation

A Children’s Advocacy & Non-Profit Group

Visit their instagram page to learn more:

Email with any questions

Twitter: @fwcfja


Reading Owls International

“Reading Owls International is a publicly supported, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with schools and community organizations in Jamaica to provide access to books and other learning resources for disadvantaged, school-aged children.”

Visit their website learn more about their organisation & how you can help.

Information submitted to CorpCare by their team


Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre Christmas Gift Drive

Hosted by MDLink
In partnership with NCB Foundation

IMG 6837

IMG 6836

Information submitted to CorpCare by their team


The Montego Bay Community Home for Girls

“Melody House was established in 1979 and is a private, nonprofit organization that provides housing to abandoned and abused girls outside Montego Bay, Jamaica. The home receives some funding from the government of Jamaica, however, it is mostly supported by charitable donations.The facility sits on several acres of land and can cater up to 20 girls at any given time. With the help of the small staff, girls, and volunteers, gardens of fruits and vegetables have been planted. Together, the girls work as a team to can mangoes for the home as well as help raise and sell chickens and eggs.”

Visit their website to donate now. They are also seeking donations of tablets and are requesting funds to repair a leaking roof and a washing machine.

Paypal donations:

Information submitted to CorpCare online by Bethany Young


Kind Hearts in partnership with Food For The Poor

Tablet & Device Drive for Jamaican Students

Donations can be made to the following bank accounts. More information can be found on the websites listed below.


Richard & Diana Stewart Foundation

Sagicor Bank Jamaica Ltd
Dominica Drive Branch

JMD Current Account

USD Account

Information submitted to CorpCare by Christina Lechler Hudson (of Stewarts Auto Group)


American Friends of Jamaica

Choose A Cause

Visit their website to donate.

Information submitted to CorpCare by Wendy Hart (of AFJ)


Jamaica Stroke Alliance

“The main focus of the Alliance is on providing education and awareness around stroke prevention and the importance of seeking care quickly once someone has experienced a stroke. Other key activities of the Alliance are to advocate for strengthening of services for stroke treatment and care and support for those affected by a stroke.”

Visit their website to learn more.

Information submitted to CorpCare by Hilary Wehby (of JSA)


Jamaicans for Justice

“JFJ’s mission is to engender fundamental change in Jamaica’s judicial, economic, social and political systems in order to improve the present and future lives of all Jamaicans.

JFJ’s vision is a Jamaica where the rights of all are ensured; where there is equal opportunity for citizens to realize their full potential and enjoy a sense of wellbeing; and where our culture is enhanced, and respect shared.

JFJ values truth, transparency, integrity, empathy, humility, and respect.”

Visit their website to donate or learn more about volunteering or becoming a member of JFJ.


Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS)

“Season of Care”

Visit the CVSS website to volunteer during their Season of Care or donate!

Information submitted to CorpCare by Saffrey Brown (of CVSS)


Prison Reform Charity Drive: Sister Support Initiative

Main Goal:

Provide women prisoners with the necessary sanitary goods for proper hygiene. Through love, care and attention we can help reform our inmates so that they can grow to become contributing members of society.

Why It Is Necessary:

Many depend on visits from their family members to get basic sanitary items. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prisons have stopped family visits to prevent the spread of the virus within the institutes. While we recognize this is a necessary evil due to how easily the virus can spread, it should not be an excuse to leave women in deplorable conditions and in desperate need for basic things such as soap and sanitary pads.

How It Will Work:

Local charity Kind Hearts will be working in tandem with the Kingston branch of Justices of the Peace through their own JP’s Jacqueline Stewart-Lechler and James Lechler. We will be taking donations of physical supplies that will be handed over to the Ministry of Justice so that it can be distributed properly. Cash donations will also be accepted through the Richard & Diana Stewart Foundation. Any cash that is given will be directed towards buying more supplies or facilitating the transport and delivery of the goods.

Banking Details:
Richard & Diana Stewart Foundation

Sagicor Bank Jamaica Ltd
Dominica Drive Branch

JMD Current Account

USD Savings Account

Drop Off Locations:
49 ½ South Camp Road, Kingston 4

1 (876) 889-3351

Information submitted to CorpCare by James Lechler (of Stewarts Auto Group)


Christmas in Riverton City

“Christmas in Riverton City is our annual toy drive, we distribute toys, food, clothes, personal hygiene products, and whatever else has been donated to us, at a basic school in the community on Christmas day. This year we are expecting up to 1000 children coming from 5 different communities. All these children have relatives or ties with Riverton City

Communities: Riverton City, Calalloo Mews, Shanty Town, Water House, and Seaview Gardens. We want to ensure no child goes toy-less on Christmas day, while also properly social distancing. With this Christmas, being in the midst of a pandemic we also would love to donate cleaning supplies and masks to the communities as well.

For more information please contact:

Alexisse (876) 838-4485

Joanna (876) 582-2107

Kate (876) 383-8008

Aryana (876) 428-5541”